hi, I'm Laura


Most days you will find me drinking allll the tea (obviously with biscuits), listening to my favourite podcasts, watching Schitt's Creek for the 5000th time, cooking up a (messy) storm in the kitchen and chilling with my little lovebug, my baby boy Kit. I'm a fun-loving, pint-sized meme lover, repeat series watcher, personality type & star sign addict, and an overly enthusiastic car karaoke-ist. 

I like films that make you cry, love being creative and crafty and I love a good challenge. I also love to travel (aside from the inevitable still packing at midnight the night before I leave) but you won't typically find me lying by the pool on holiday. I like to get out and explore somewhere new and more importantly, find the best breakfast around! 

I got married in New York to my wonderful husband Chris a few years ago. We eloped with a handful of our closest family and friends and we had just the best time ever having our photos taken in the streets of NYC. It showed me that wedding photography doesn't have to be stiff and awkwardly posed shots to still get those editorial "WOW" images, and I love for my couples to have the same experience.

UK & destination wedding photographer and your new creative partner in crime

If you just want someone to turn up, stand in the corner and take photos then I'm probably not the girl for you. And that's OK! I genuinely love getting to know you & have a good old chit chat about how you met, your wedding plans and all the details that makes your relationship special. I want to get excited for you, cheer you on down the aisle and you better believe I'll be crying at the speeches too! I love to be there for you from the minute you book me; on hand for any advice that you might need or just a listening ear when you need one. I hope that by getting to know each other we can create magic in front of the camera and leave you with photos you'll cherish forever! 

my approach

Romantic • relaxed • editorial

some of my favourite things....

 • breakfast food

 • studying restaurant menus and deciding what to order days in advance

 • watching Schitt's creek over & over

 • NEW York City

 • alll the neutrals

 • Pretty woman

 • the excitement of booking a holiday somewhere new

 • busting out my glue gun at any given opportunity

 • tony chocolonely (the pink & orange ones in particular)

 • rich tea biscuits

 • getting a new notebook.... that i never end up writing in

 • bali

 • my husband chris & baby boy Kit

 • gilmore girls

 • autumn scent candles

 • pretending i can sing

 • fave shops: zara, h&m, anthropologie

 • looking up the endingS of films before i watch them

 • buying more makeup than I'll ever need

 • looking at houses on rightmove with no intention of moving

I want you to have the photos you'll cherish forever - the ones where you are transported back right to the moment they were taken and remember how happy you were and how much fun you were having. The ones that will bring the smiles and the happy tears; the ones that you'll look at and think "oh wow,  is that really us?".  I love capturing your magic and all the moments in between; romantic and modern photos that will always be treasured.

"Capturing your magic and all the moments in between"

my misson

Am I your girl? Send me a note now and let's go on an adventure.


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